How to use WinRAR Password Cracker

Step 1. Read First.

Step 2. Open File.

Step 3. Change Settings and Start Crack.

Step 4. Wait.

Step 5. Session Save and Restore.

Step 6. Recovery Success.

Step 7. Recovery Failure.

Step 1. Read First.

The free version supports password less then 3 letters only.

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Step2. Open File

Open the file you want to recover password from.

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Step 3. Change Settings and Start Crack

Before recovery, you'd better tweak the settings depends on your knowledge of your password. It could greatly affects the recovery time and the result of recovery.

When ready, you can click "Start Recovery" to start.

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Step 4. Wait

Now, all you can do is wait. It may take a long long time.

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Step 5. Session Save and Restore

Sometimes, the recovery would take a long time. You can interrupt the recovery by closing the application and continue to recover next time. The application will save current session state automatically.

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Step 6. Recovery Success

If you are lucky, you can recover the password successfuly. Congratulation! Just click "Copy to Clipboard" to copy the password.

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Step 7. Recovery Failure

If you suffer from bad luck, sorry, we can't recover your password. Maybe you can try to tweak the settings and retry. We will pray for you.

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Finally, the last tip:

Next time, when you set a password for a rar file, just write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. Don't trust memory, sometimes, it could betray you. Good luck.